You know you need to create a positive company culture to attract and retain top employees. You need a good compensation plan, solid benefits package, and in-office perks to keep everyone happy and engaged. But have you thought about one more crucial component to your office culture? Have you considered the support your team needs from your management group? If you haven’t thought about support as a benefit of your office culture, here are some things to consider.

Enable Growth and Development

There is so much more than money when it comes to employee satisfaction. One aspect that is often cited as a reason for leaving is a lack of support for growth and development within their career. Help your employees maximize their potential by providing avenues for continuing education or training.

Encourage Collaboration Among Employees

Your staff, especially the younger millennial employees, want to be part of a team. Rather than creating a competitive environment, encourage collaboration among your employees. This drives innovation and gives your team a sense of belonging.

Ensure Your Team Feels Valued

Speaking of belonging, make sure you are providing your team with the means to feel as though their contribution is essential to the company. Reward performance that goes above and beyond their normal duties. But don’t forget about their normal duties as well. Be sure to thank your team for their work as often as you can.

Insist on Good Work-Life Balance

A big challenge for many employees is feeling like they don’t have time for their personal life. As management, it’s up to you to ensure that your team can create this balance in their lives. Encourage your employees to take their vacation time. Create a flexible schedule if possible to give them the ability to meet obligations outside the office.

Make Their Contribution Meaningful

Another aspect of the workplace that is becoming especially popular with millennials is giving back. They want to know that their work makes a difference in the bigger picture. You can tie certain aspects of your company to local charitable causes or events that help the community.

Provide Assistance for Managing Stress

Finally, stress management is also essential for your team and something that many employers fail to recognize. Workplace stress is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke in the country, but few people have the tools to recognize or address it. Providing stress management support in the office can help your team live healthier lives in and out of the workplace.

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