It can be difficult to ask for time off, especially around the busy holiday season. It can feel more critical when you’ve been searching for a job for a long time and finally land one. How do you convince your new employer that time off around the holidays is important to you? If you follow a few simple steps, you can make the request and get the time off to spend the holidays with friends and family. Use the following tips to help you get time off around the holidays.

Review Employee Policy

Before you make your request, make sure you review the company policies to ensure that your vacation time fits into the rules. In fact, it may even be helpful to look at the trends in your workplace as well. Do people typically take a day at a time or is it normal to take a week-long vacation?

Evaluate Your Workload

Make sure that your absence from work won’t impact your workload. This will be the biggest concern for your boss and your coworkers. They won’t want to take up the slack or feel as though work isn’t being finished appropriately. Be sure that you can complete all major projects before you vacation time begins.

Give Ample Notice

The best way to make sure you can have the time off over the holidays to celebrate with friends and family or to travel is to ask early. Putting a request in at the beginning of December probably means you’re too late. As early as you can, plan ahead. This is also a case where you can evaluate how others handle this in the office as well.

Talk to Your Boss in Person

When making your request for personal time, talk to your boss in person. Making the request through email could get lost in the shuffle, so have a one on one conversation. They may also ask that you submit it through the formal process, but going that extra mile to talk to your boss can help ensure you get what you ask for.

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