There was a time when recruiting was easy. All you needed to do was post a basic job online and you received hundreds if not thousands of applications. But what happens after no one, or no one qualified, applied to your open job? There are a lot of reasons your jobs aren’t getting the hits that you’re expecting. Before you do something drastic, here are a few things to consider when no one has applied to your job.

The Job Has Been Reposted or the Job Post Is Old

If you have reposted the same job multiple times or you have a post that is over a month or more old, it’s a red flag for job seekers. Jobs that have been posted multiple times indicate to a potential employee there is high turnover in the position. Even if this isn’t the case, it’s up to you to create something fresh and exciting.

It Feels Like a Scam

As online job applications become more common, job seekers are more keenly aware of what may or may not be a scam. Scams sometimes request information about how to get paid up front. They may also reply via text. Sometimes scams will invite a number of job seekers to the same group interview. Try to avoid these triggers to look like a scam.

Not Enough Detail

If your ad says “Wanted: Accountant,” you haven’t given your job seeker anything else to go on. What kind of accountant? Where is the job? What is the industry? There are so many details you need to include. Make sure you’re painting a picture of a job the best candidate would want. This will encourage them to apply.

Too Much Detail

Of course, there is such a thing as too much information. Most of this comes from the extreme laundry list of qualifications which make most job seekers feel they’re not capable of doing your job. While you certainly need a certain amount of expertise, there is some wisdom to hiring someone for their potential, as well.

No Identifying Information

Lastly, job seekers want to feel invested in and comfortable if they applied to a new company. Certainly, there are reasons for confidential job postings, but they aren’t going to get as many resumes as one that describes the company. This also gives candidates a chance to research the company and make sure it’s a place they want to be.

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