Wow. Is it almost 2020? As we close out 2019 and get ready to enter a new century of the Roaring 20s, we thought it would be good to take a look back at the most popular blog posts of the last year. What were our most popular topics, and what do readers want to know more about? We’re looking forward to continuing to provide great information useful for all Michigan employers and job hunters.

3 Tips to Find a Data Entry Job

In this post, we talked about three of the ways you can look for your next data entry job. We suggested social media as a place to follow top companies in Michigan to watch for new job postings. We also encourage job seekers to get out to local networking events to talk to people face-to-face about potential opportunities. We also believe that working with a recruiter can open the door to many possible data entry jobs in the area.

Open Jobs in Michigan

In January, we took an inventory of the kinds of jobs we were seeing in southeast Michigan at the time. These positions are still hot, and similar posts, and companies are expected to need top talent still going into 2020. Hot responsibilities include customer service, welding, recruiting, accounts payable, tax analysts, various forms of tech support and developers, and medical billing.

How to Keep Your Top Talent

For employers, we also took some time to evaluate how companies can work on retaining their top talent throughout the year. We expect that retention will continue to be a hot topic, so we encourage companies to consider these strategies. That includes increased opportunities to learn, customized training tools, staying up to date on the latest technology, and creating a better work/life balance for employees.

New Customer Service Job

Customer service will always be a hot job in southeast Michigan. But we know that not every job is a good one, so we encourage employees to consider their options if they’re unhappy. You can find a better customer service job in the area. In this post, we talked about ways to find your next CSR position by checking social media, updating your resume, and applying with a local staffing agency.

Big Changes for Workplace Inclusion

We also took a closer look at the way experts see the workplace changing in the next decade. They include being aware of unconscious bias, understanding generational differences, making accommodations for disabled employees, and making gender diverse hiring decisions. Companies that embrace these changes will be positioned for success in 2020 and beyond.

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