Finding the right motivation for a team of customer service reps can be the difference between good production and top production. But many hiring managers automatically equate success with money. But what if it isn’t money at all that motivates your team? It is important to know what customer service reps are really looking for on the job. Here are some other things to consider when establishing your CSR dream team.

A Challenge

Many people view customer service positions as entry-level opportunities, but to keep each employee in this role does a disservice to them and to your organization. Your staff wants to be challenged. They want to grow in their professional career and be given additional duties and responsibilities with time. Recognize performance accomplishments and act accordingly to provide additional challenges to these employees.

Flexible Work Schedule

So many people indicate that the ability to work a flexible schedule is becoming the most important part of how they choose a new job. Some customer service representative positions can be done remotely, but for those who need to arrive at an office every day, you can provide some flexibility in their schedule. As long as the policy doesn’t affect production, trust your team to work the schedule that best suits their lifestyle.

Positive Environment

Another complaint many CSRs have about their jobs is that the environment is negative or uninspiring. Sometimes it comes down to management styles. They don’t feel like they’re given enough autonomy in their jobs and feel micromanaged. Sometimes it is the environment itself with sterile walls or no office culture to help motivate the team. These are positive changes you can make to improve performance.

Reasonable Commute

Lastly, while you can’t pick up and move your office to accommodate each employee, a reasonable commute is a big draw for many people. This means you can draw from the surrounding area to find individuals who feel your location is a good spot for them. Another way to target the local community is to work with a staffing agency to help source and place individuals from the surrounding areas.

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